OK, so it’s day five and I’ve got to be honest, I really don’t know where today’s poem came from.

There were no triggers this time, it was just a random thought that popped into my head. (They happen)

It’s to do with food again, (don’t ask me why) but it’s also to do with animals, word play I suppose, names of animals that have the name of food in their title.

Like most of my poems, it has no meaning or message, it’s just another of those pointless poems that seem to leap out at me throughout the day.

I’ve added a picture (to help explain) though I’ve read several times that a writer should trust the reader and not over-explain their work. I think a picture is allowed though, isn’t it?

So anyway, here’s the picture, followed by the poem.








A sausage-dog,

A butter-fly,

A pork-upine,

And ham-ster,

Were walking down an alley

When they frightened off a gangster,

“By golly gosh,” he bellowed as he turned upon his heels,

And from that day he only ate spaghetti for his meals.