Welcome back to day four of my seven day poem challenge.


If you’ll take a look at the photographs below, you’ll see exhibits 1&2, which are responsible for today’s poem. This may give you a little insight into the workings of my mind.



If you do happen to have an ‘aha, I see‘ moment, do feel free to enlighten me, as to this day I’m still unable to fathom out how my mind translates ordinary objects into such nonsense.


It is possible that there may be some short circuiting occurring between my ears, and an automatic trip switch which intermittently switches from ‘nuts’ to ‘not nuts


Who knows.


So anyway, without further ado, here is the poem.




There was an old man with a sieve for a head,

Quite useless as most things fell out.

And although it did cause him occasional strife,

He was wicked at fishing for trout.


By the way, the fish was very nice.