Remember those sayings that your mum used to say to you when you were growing up? (Or still does perhaps) The ones that used to either drive you mad or leave you baffled? Sayings such as:


‘because I said so‘ (Usually when a request has been declined and you demand to know why)

‘pick your feet up’ (What? You mean carry them?)

‘Don’t try to butter me up’ (An entertaining image)


Well, I remembered another one last night while cutting carrots.

‘eat your carrots and you’ll see better in the dark’

Now I’m not sure whether there’s any truth to this claim. Maybe it’s something to do with the vitamins in them? It’s something I’ve never really felt the need to research, but the memory did bring about another poem.

So here it is:



…”they’ll help you see well in the dark,”

My mother used to sing.

So I stuck them in my eyeballs,

But I couldn’t see a thing. 


So there you have it. Poem two for day two.

Although I have to say, it did lead on to another poem too, from something else my mother used to say (which coincidentally is not on the list above) But I think I’ll save that one for tomorrow.

Or is that cheating? If tomorrow’s poem doesn’t actually come from tomorrow, but today?